Karin Ridgers

VeggieVision Dating

Karin Ridgers

Karin is the founder of VeggieVision TV – the internet TV station that addresses the fact that in the UK there are no veggie friendly TV programmes.

Showing short film clips of cookery, information, experts, celebrities, comedy and now with real people professional presenters in the UK, Hollywood, Paris, Hawaii, Thailand and other locations.

Karin has recently filmed with a number of celebrities, including Brian aMay, Virginia McKenna, Martin Clunes, Anthea Turner, Lorraine Chase, Matthew Wright, Wendy Turner Webster, Laura Hamilton, Peter Eagan, Rick Wakeman and Helen Chamberlain. Moreover, she has interviewed Sean Hughes and Joanna Lumley. She is also talking with some amazing veggie celebs and now friends including Sarah Jane Honeywell, Victoria Eisermann and the K 9 Angels, Rose Elliot and Wendy Turner Webster.