After attending the first event in 2013, The Vegan Society have been partnering with Just V Show ever since. Inspired by their innovative and progressive approach, we couldn’t wait to get on board.

Just V Show continues to go from strength to strength, largely due to their desire to actively seek their visitors’ views and opinions. We love that they are now adopting a more educational approach, and are providing the public with all the information they need to live a more vegan life.

The Vegan Society strives to make veganism an easily adopted and widely recognised approach to reducing animal and human suffering, as well as environmental damage. By partnering with such an accessible and welcoming event we can engage with a diverse group of people and help to drive our message forwards.

These new audiences – which are growing year on year! – mean that Just V Show is the perfect event to do vital vegan outreach in a happy and positive atmosphere.

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