Award-winning Oumph! returned to Just V Show as 2018’s official kitchen sponsor!

Over the three days Oumph!’s own chefs Fredrik Kämpenberg and Peter Segerblom cooked alongside a number of guest chefs, check out who we had demonstrating last July.

Fredrik Kämpenberg is Progress Chef at Food for Progress, the company behind Oumph! Fredrik is an award-winning Swedish chef, specialising in plant-based and sustainable cooking. He’s renowned for his artistic flair and creative cooking style. Over the years he’s worked in a number of restaurants, catering companies and school kitchens both in Sweden and Europe. At Food for Progress Fredrik hosts cooking demos all over the world, creates recipes and trains food service chefs to cook with Oumph!

Peter Segerblom is Head of Food Concepts at Food for Progress, the company behind Oumph! Peter’s previous work includes founding and running a number of successful restaurants and catering companies in his native Sweden. Peter also worked as Food and Beverage Manager at Swedish sports bar chain O’Learys, where he played an instrumental part in developing the successful plant-based menu with Oumph!

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