Romy London - Tofu all the way (free ebook)

Tofu all the way

Your support means the world to me & as a thank you I’ve created ‘Tofu All The Way’ for YOU!  Stuffed with 10 delicious, vegan tofu recipes – with easy step-by-step instructions for those of you that still struggle to make tofu taste great, or simply want to try it in a new way.

I hope you enjoy these recipes just as much as I do!

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Romy London - Homemade Vegan Burger Buns (Super Fluffy!)

It’s not only happened once but already on multiple occasions that I’ve found myself wanted to create (& of course photograph) delicious looking vegan burgers and finding that most conventional burger buns available in supermarkets are either not vegan (they often contain egg or dairy!) or simply way too big for my vegan quarter pounders.

After years of trying to find the perfect buns for my patties, I’ve simply decided to stick to making my own – and this is how the long search for the perfect homemade vegan burger buns was started, which eventually led to this recipe! Glad we made it here! 😉

Click here for ingredients and recipe.

Vegan burger buns

Copper Confetti - Gluten free and vegan katsu curry with cornflake tofu

Vegan Katsu

I was actually only introduced to the world of katsu curry when I tried the Tesco freefrom ready meal version and I was immediately sold! My only issue was that I found the Tesco version a bit too spicy (I struggle a bit when it comes to spice – my tummy isn’t the biggest fan!) so I decided to try making my own and adapt it to make it vegan! I was so impressed at how quick and easy this was! And uses up lots of stuff I’d have in the house anyway!

Click here for ingredients and recipe.


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