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A message from the Event Director

Dear Visitor,

I would like to extend a huge thanks to you for registering to attend Just V Show, which was due to take place last weekend at Glasgow’s SEC.

As it turned out, last week’s extreme weather across Scotland and the rest of the UK forced us to make the difficult decision to cancel the event.

Our first priority will always be our duty-of-care to the safety of our visitors, exhibitors and staff.  Last Thursday, it became clear that we were unable to guarantee a safe environment for all concerned, so on the advice of the police and local authorities, we cancelled the show.  This decision was made from Glasgow; we had travelled to the venue and were onsite at the SEC.

I do not need to explain just how severe the weather became last week; we all experienced it.

However, despite this clearly being the correct call, this was nevertheless the hardest professional decision we have ever had to make.

At F2F Events, we love delivering shows and our passionate team work tirelessly to ensure they are the best they can be.  We care deeply about the events we run and we never take visitor or exhibitor participation for granted.  To not be able to bring this one home was a devastating blow, to us and all the amazing exhibiting companies involved.

Given we know just how disappointed visitors were, our team have been awestruck and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of positive messages of support that we have received since the announcement was made.  It has been astounding and we are so grateful for your understanding, which genuinely means the world to us.  On behalf of everyone here at F2F, plus all our exhibitors: thank you.

Many of you have been in touch to ask if the show will be rearranged for an alternate date in 2018. This is an understandable question, we are touched by the demand and we would love to say yes.  However, in reality, rearranging the event this year is sadly an impossibility for our team.

These shows are literally years-in-the-making.  They depend on the diaries and budgets of hundreds of exhibitors and sponsors, dozens of show contractors and an extremely busy SEC aligning on one specific weekend (not to mention 20,000+ visitors).

We will only ever deliver a show to our visitors that is up to the high standards we expect and you deserve; there are simply no short-cuts for us.  Furthermore, we organise additional events at other locations throughout the year, which now demand the same dedication from our team that this year’s Glasgow show has already received (albeit, ultimately in vain).

We will be back in Glasgow in March 2019.  You will have the first opportunity to secure your tickets.

Furthermore, we are planning some very special communications to all 2018 ticket holders, featuring exclusive news and offers from our exhibitors (who are just as disappointed that they didn’t see you at the SEC).  So, please keep an eye on your inbox in the coming weeks!

Thanks again for your support and understanding.  We are sorry that we didn’t get a chance to see you this year, but cannot wait to return to Glasgow in 2019

Kind regards,
Tom Treverton, Event Director

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